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The “Bude von Tölz“ is the central office, bootcamp and content machine for TOLLENZ LIONS. Located in Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany, it is the optimum training facility for the players of TOLLENZ LIONS and the area around Bad Tölz is the perfect scenery for our video and streaming studios. It can hold up to 15 players and is equipped with top notch gaming hardware from our partners, bootcamping right before tournaments and championships is no problem. The “Bude von Tölz” will also be used to host tournaments.

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The “Bude von Tölz” is not just the home of our players, it is our broadcast center with photo and video studios and it has a live control room, which we stream from almost every day. That’s why our streamers and players are live at various times on many of the TOLLENZ LIONS channels. Every stream and show will be announced on our social media. We are constantly developing new formats, so that it never gets old and to give new talented hosts a chance to prove themselves. Here are some of our current live formats:

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